Adding Teammates to PDQ Connect


Any number of additional teammates may be added to PDQ Connect either within the application or through the billing portal at From the billing portal, you also have the ability to modify roles and remove teammates altogether.

Inviting Teammates

One of the following two methods may be used to invite teammates to PDQ Connect.

From PDQ Connect:

Click the Settings button found in the lower left-hand corner.

Click Invite teammate on the right hand side of the Teammates tab.

Input the email of the teammate you would like to add to your team and press Invite.


From the Members tab of the billing portal:

Input the email of the person you would like to add to your team and press Invite user.

Important: Make sure to log on to with an account that already has access to PDQ Connect so the invites are sent from the correct team.


Regardless of the invite method used, the teammate will receive an email with a link to join the team. Until they accept the invitation they will be marked as “Pending” in the billing portal. Once they accept the invitation they may then log into PDQ Connect and an Admin can modify their role if needed.

Note: Currently, bulk invites are not supported and you must input one email address at a time.

Accepting an Invitation

Once you have received an invitation to join your team, click on the link within the email to accept it.
If you already have an account, but don't see your team's licenses and information, select the option to "Log In" as shown below. When you log in, your existing account will be linked to your team. You'll see your team's licenses and company information once this is complete.

If you haven't created an account yet, enter a password, and click continue. If you'd prefer to log in with your Google or Microsoft account, select that option instead.


Editing Teammates

If you have the Admin role, you can modify or remove teammates from the team. Removing will revoke access to PDQ Connect.

On the Members page, find the teammate you would like to modify. At the end of the row, you will see an ellipses button “...”. Click the icon and it will open a menu with options to either edit the role or remove.

Notes: Roles don't currently have any affect on the permissions within PDQ Connect, and teammates that have been removed from the team will need to be sent a new invite if they need access to the PDQ Connect team again.

Roles and Permissions In Your Team

Currently, there are 2 roles with the following permissions:

Member  This is the default role. Members cannot edit any teammates within the team but can invite others to join the team.

Admin – This role has the ability to invite, as well as Edit or Remove other teammates from the team.

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