PDQ Connect Deployments Page

Deployments Page Contents

To view the PDQ Connect Deployments page, select Deployments from the pages menu. 


Deploy: Select the Deploy button to open the Create Deployment menu. 

Deployments List: The Deployments List contains a list of all deployments from PDQ Connect. 

Search Field: Use the Search Field to quickly filter the list of items on the current page. All items that meet the search criteria will be displayed in the list. 

Columns: Select Columns to display a list of available columns to enable or disable. Columns can be searched using the Find Column field. Toggle the switch for a column to enable or disable it or select Hide All / Show All to hide or display all available columns. 

Filters: Select the appropriate Column and Operator, then enter the desired Value to filter what is displayed on the current page. Additional Filters can be applied by selecting Add filter

Density: Select CompactStandard, or Comfortable to configure how the rows of a page are displayed. Selecting Compact will make the rows smaller, while selecting Comfortable will make the rows larger. The default density setting is Standard

Rows Per Page: Select the number of rows to be displayed (up to 100) on each page. 

Navigating PDQ Connect Deployments

As new deployments occur, they will appear in the Deployments page. 

Use the Search Field or Filters to display specific deployments in the Deployments List. 

Select a package name in the Packages column to open that package in the Packages page.

Deployment Status

In the Status column; running deployments will display In Progress, successful deployments will display Complete, failed deployments will display Error, and canceled deployments will display Canceled

Deployment Status.png

Output Logs

Select Complete or Error in the Status column to display the Output Log for that deployment.

Output Log.png

Deployment Details

Return codes will be displayed in the Details column, if a return code was logged. If a deployment fails, the error message from the Output Log will be displayed alongside the return code. Hover your mouse cursor over the error message in the Details column to expand the full error message. 

Error Code.png

Deployment Actions

In the Actions column, select Cancel to stop a running deployment, or Redeploy to retry a failed deployment. 


Deployed by

The Deployed by column displays the name of the user or Automation that initiated the deployment. Select the name of the Automation to open that Automation's page. 

Deployed By.png

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