Introduction to the PDQ Connect Agent

PDQ Connect Agent Overview

Before a device can be managed by PDQ Connect, an administrator must first install the PDQ Connect agent onto the device. Each PDQ Connect account has a unique installer that enrolls devices into that Connect account. Once the agent has been installed, administrators can view device information, push packages to the device, run scripts on the device, etc.

The PDQ Connect agent is designed to run silently in the background on a computer, in most instances users of a device do not even know its there. The agent is lightweight, with limited computing occurring through the agent to ensure memory usage is kept to a minimum. Users of PDQ Connect have reported no performance impact on devices that have the agent installed.

Keeping the Agent Up to Date

The PDQ Connect Agent is self-updating and will update as new versions of the agent come available. This self-updating functionality cannot be disabled and is needed to ensure device security.

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