Logging in to PDQ Connect

You may log into Connect at app.pdq.com where you'll be redirected to your account after authenticating successfully with both the password and MFA method. Choose the login method that you originally used when creating your PDQ account. If you aren't sure what the password is, use the 'Forgot password?' link to reset it.

Logging in with SSO


SSO Linking is currently disabled. You'll need to continue logging in with whichever method was originally used to sign up.

If you're using an existing email and password account to login to PDQ Connect, but would like to switch to using an SSO method that's associated with the same email, select one of those options pictured above. After authenticating successfully with that account, you should be met with the following page. Make sure to choose 'Continue' in order to link the SSO and email/password accounts.

Troubleshooting logon issues

  • Forgot password email not received
    • Ensure the email address entered on the forgot password page is accurate and the one associated with your PDQ account.
    • Check your spam/quarantine/junk folder for the email.
    • Contact us if you still haven't received the email after a few minutes. Submit a request – PDQ Connect Help Center
  • Duplicate account
    • If you are able to successfully log in and are either prompted to select an organization or do not see the devices you've already added, then it's likely a duplicate account has been created.
    • The common scenario for this is if the account was originally created with an email/password and you've logged in with an SSO option and chosen not to link the two accounts.
    • Navigate to app.pdq.com/logout and then try logging in once more with the alternative login method than what was just used, either email/password or SSO.
    • Contact us and we can sort out the account issue. Submit a request – PDQ Connect Help Center
  • Reset MFA


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