Antivirus Exceptions

In some cases, you may need to exclude PDQ Connect services and working directories from real-time (on-access) scanning by antivirus or antimalware software.

Required Antivirus Exceptions

At minimum, the PDQConnectAgent service must be allowed as an exclusion in your antivirus. 

Optional Antivirus Exceptions

The PDQ Connect Agent install directory and runner directory may need to be excluded from your antivirus. 

  • PDQ Connect Agent Install Directory: C:\Program Files\PDQ 
  • PDQ Connect Agent Runner Directory: C:\ProgramData\PDQ

In rare situations, behavioral analysis on some antivirus modules may block Windows PowerShell (powershell.exe) during PDQ Connect system scans. PowerShell is an essential component to the PDQ Connect Agent, so we recommend working with your antivirus vendor to resolve this.

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