Package Library

Introduction to the Package Library

The PDQ Package Library gives administrators the most up-to-date versions of the most popular third-party software automatically, without having to manually create or update packages themselves. PDQ employees maintain the package library on behalf of customers and make new packages available as vendors publish them.

Popular software vendors such as Microsoft or Google are constantly releasing updates to critical business systems, such as Chrome browser. For an administrator, this means that there is a near-constant need to monitor for software updates to these applications. PDQ eliminates this need by instead handling this work on behalf of the administrator. As new application versions are released, PDQ uploads these to the PDQ Managed Package Library – making it so an administrator does not have to worry about it. 

View packages in the PDQ Package Library.

Learn more about how Packages are securely created.

Navigating the Package Library

Pre-built packages in the Package Library will have PDQ displayed in the Source column in the Packages page. 

Source Column.png

Viewing Package Versions

Select a package from the Package Library to list the previously available versions of the package. 


Note: You cannot deploy packages from this page, but you can download the installers from the previous versions by selecting any version and viewing the Install Steps. 

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