In order for a user to log into PDQ Connect and manage devices, they must belong to an organization. Most users will only work within a single organization, but it is possible to join and send invitations to other organizations. This is in contrast to how device management is handled in PDQ Connect, where a single device may only belong to one organization at a time.

Joining an Organization

If you have never used PDQ Connect and are signing up for a trial, an organization will automatically be created for you during the signup process. 

If you are part of an entity that has already signed up for PDQ Connect, you can be invited to join the organization by one of the existing members. See the article Adding Teammates to PDQ Connect for details on this process. 

Selecting an Organization

If a user is a member of multiple organizations, they will be given the option to select an organization each time they log in. Selecting the organization will take you to the devices tab for that organization, at which point only devices that belong to that organization will be visible. This holds true for custom packages, groups, and automations that were created under that organization as well. Organizations work on a flat structure and must be managed separately. 

In order to switch to a different organization, click the PDQ Connect button at the top left of the page. This will return you to the "Select an Organization" prompt shown above. Note that if the user does not belong to multiple organizations, the selection screen will not be displayed. 

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