Introduction to Reports

PDQ Connect allows you to create reports to quickly view and export device inventory data. 

Viewing Reports

The Reports page can be found in the left side navigation.

Click the name of any report to view and manage it.

If columns contain grouped items, click the arrow to the left to expand the item and view the corresponding information in other columns.

Click any column header to sort the report by that value. If the column being sorted is within a grouped column, it will be sorted within each group.

To run the report click the Run button.


Reports do not update automatically - they display the information as it existed at the last time the report was run. The last run date is displayed to the left of the Run button. 

Reports Page.png

View Report.png


Running Reports

Select Run while viewing a report to run the report and update the data within. 

Editing Reports

Click the vertical ellipses (...) and select Edit to make changes to the report. 

Exporting Reports

Click the vertical ellipses (...) and select Export.csv to export the report to a CSV file. 

Deleting Reports

Click the vertical ellipses (...) and select Delete to delete the report. This action cannot be undone

Run Edit Export Delete.png


Creating New Reports

To create a new report, select Create Report on the Reports page. 

Name: Choose a name for the new report. This must be done before any other actions can be performed. 

Columns: Select the data to be viewed in the new report. 

Target: The new report will target All Devices by default or select Custom to target specific devices and or groups. 

New Report.png

After naming the new report, select the Select Columns button to choose the data to be presented in the report. 

The default column source will be Devices

One additional column source can be selected by clicking the dropdown under Include columns from additional column source

Additional column sources include, but are not limited to: Active Directory, Drivers, Networking, Software, and Windows Updates. 


Reports only support adding one additional column source, and the default Device column source cannot be removed. 

Select Columns.png

Click and drag the icon to the left of the order number to configure the order of the columns. 

Select the checkbox in the Group by field for a column to group the report by that field. This will automatically set the column as the first in the order to be displayed. 

A second column can be selected to nest column groupings for additional organization.

Click Save and run to save the report and run it for the first time. Once the report has ran, the output will be displayed. 


Reports can take some time to run, depending on how much data is being processed. 

Creating a New Report.png


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