Download Failed: Error Decoding Response Body


When running a deployment, the deployment fails with the following error.

Download failed: error decoding response body


This error can be seen when working with zip file attachments on a Script step or Install step. Ordinarily, both Install and Script steps can make use of archive files with a .zip extension as attachments, and the Connect agent will automatically extract them prior to running the command.

This error message indicates that the attached zip file is a valid zip file and was downloaded successfully to the endpoint, but the extraction process failed before the agent successfully decompressed the archive.


The most common cause for this error is some external setting or software (usually antivirus or another security configuration) interrupting the agent extracting the zip file. To troubleshoot this error, ensure that all the necessary antivirus exceptions have been added for the PDQ Connect Agent service and it's working directories.

The recommended exceptions may be found at the link below. 

Antivirus Exceptions

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