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To view the PDQ Connect Devices page, select Devices from the navigation side bar. 

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Deploy: Selecting the Deploy button will display the Deploy Packages menu, where you can search for packages and devices to create a new deployment. 

Devices List: Your devices will appear in the Devices List shortly after installing the PDQ Connect Agent. If a device was offline when the PDQ Connect Agent was installed, it will not appear in the Devices List until the device is connected to the internet. 

Device Count: The Device Count displays the total number of devices in PDQ Connect. When filters are saved, All Devices will be replaced with the name of the Group, and the Device Count will reflect the total number of devices in the Group. The Device Count only changes for Groups, temporarily applied filters do not affect the displayed Device Count. 

Groups: Select the hamburger menu next to the Device Count to display the list of Groups. Select a Group from the list to quickly apply the filters to the Devices List. 

Search Field: Use the Search Field to quickly filter the list of items on the current page. All items that meet the search criteria will be displayed in the list. Not every column is searchable. In order for data to be returned in a search result, it must exist in one of the following columns: Name, OS, OS Version, OS Full Name, Model, Manufacturer, Service Pack, Serial Number, Public IP Address, Timezone, or Last User. 

Columns: Select Columns to display a list of available columns to enable or disable. Columns can be searched using the Find Column field. Toggle the switch for a column to enable or disable it or select Hide All / Show All to hide or display all available columns. 

Filters: Select the appropriate Column and Operator, then enter the desired Value to filter what is displayed on the current page. Additional Filters can be applied by selecting Add filter

Density: Select CompactStandard, or Comfortable to configure how the rows of a page are displayed. Selecting Compact will make the rows smaller, while selecting Comfortable will make the rows larger. The default density setting is Standard

Rows Per Page: Select the number of rows to be displayed (up to 100) on each page. 

Navigating Devices

Upon installation, the PDQ Connect Agent will automatically scan the device and report the scan data back to PDQ Connect, where it can be viewed in the Device Info page. 

Use the Search Field or Filters to find one, or more, devices in the Devices List. 

Select any device's name from the Name column in the Devices List to view the Device Info page. 


The Overview tab displays General, Operating System, and System information about the device. 

The Active Directory tab displays Active Directory information for the selected device, if the device is joined to a Domain. 

The Active Directory Groups tab displays the Active Directory Groups that the selected device belongs to. 

The Commands tab is used to run one-time PowerShell commands on the selected device. 

The CPU tab displays information about the device's processor. 

The Deployments tab lists the PDQ Connect deployments for the device. 

The Software tab lists the software installed on the device. 

The Disk Drives tab displays information about the device's disks. 

The Drivers tab displays the drivers installed on the device. 

The Windows Features tab displays the list of Windows Features and if they are Enabled / Disabled on the device. 

The Windows Updates tab displays the installed Windows Updates on the device. 

Manually Scanning Devices

To manually initiate a scan on a device: open the device you wish to scan, click the ellipses (...) in the top right, and select Scan Device

Deleting Devices

To delete a device from PDQ Connect, navigate to that device's Device Info page, click the vertical ellipses button in the top right, and select Delete device

Note: Devices that are online at the time they are deleted from PDQ Connect will be sent a self-destruct command to uninstall the PDQ Connect Agent and remove the associated data from the deleted computer. If a device is offline at the time it is removed from Connect, the agent and associated data will be deleted the next time that machine comes online.

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