Deploying Packages with PDQ Connect

Creating a New Deployment

To create a new one-time deployment: Select the checkbox for one or more devices from the Device List on the Devices page, or navigate to any device's Software tab from the Device Info page, and select Deploy

Deploy Packages  Menu.png

Search for Available Packages

Type the name of a package in the search field and select the package to be added to the deployment. 

Deploy Packages  Menu - Search.png

Select the Package Version

The latest version of the chosen package will be selected by default. Select the dropdown in the Version column to choose a different version of that package. 

Deploy Packages  Menu - Versions.png

Adding Multiple Packages

To add multiple packages to a deployment, search for another package and select it to add it to the deployment. Packages will be deployed in the order in which they are added. 

Deploy Packages  Menu - Multi.png

Removing Packages from a Deployment

To remove a package from the deployment, click the trash can icon for that package in the list.

Deploying Packages from the Devices Page

On the Devices page, select one or more devices from the Device List, and click Deploy

Deploying Packages from the Device Info Software Tab

Click the name of a device in the Devices List on the Devices page, select the Software tab, click Deploy.

Deploying Packages to Groups

Click on the hamburger menu next to the device count to display the Groups menu, select the Group you wish to view, select one or more devices from the Devices List, and click Deploy

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