PDQ Connect (Beta) - Known Bugs

Known Bugs in PDQ Connect: 

Public Bugs, as of November 7, 2022: 

Accented characters do not display correctly (HOU-1121)

Some accented characters, such as á and í, do not display properly.

Cannot filter on `Partition key protectors` column (HOU-1118)

When attempting to filter on `Partition key protectors` column in device table, an error is returned.

Cannot save filter that includes `Base clock speed` (HOU-1116)

When attempting to save a filter that filters on `Base clock speed`, an error is returned and filter cannot be saved.

Date filter `is` operator does not return any matches (HOU-1111)

When attempting to filter on any date column (ex. `Computer created`), the `is` operator will fail to return any results. `Is before` & `Is after` results work as expected.

`Uptime` column can only be filtered by date, not relative time (HOU-1108)

When attempting to filter on the `Uptime` column, you cannot filter on a relative time (ex. "greater than 7 days"), and can only filter on a specific date (ex. "before Oct 10")

`Last deployment` column not filterable (HOU-1082)

You cannot filter on the `Last deployment` column

Showing empty scan history on device `Software` tab (HOU-1066)

When viewing the `Software` tab for an individual device, a scan history button is shown, however, no scan history is provided when clicked.

`Last user` column not filterable, sortable or searchable (HOU-1016)

You cannot filter, sort, or search on the `Last user` column

Cannot save Partition free % as filtered column (HOU-1153)

If you attempt to save filters that include Partition free % as a filtered column, the Partition free % filtered column will not be saved. Any other filtered columns included in the saved filters will be saved. You can filter on Partition free % as a column, however, you cannot save that as a filtered column.

Select all banner incorrectly selects all devices in org when filters are applied (HOU-1126)

When viewing a filter, if devices matching the filters are shown across multiple pages (i.e. paginated), if you click the select all checkbox, a selection banner appears above table. If you then click Select all X devices from all pages, rather than selecting all devices in the filter, it selects all devices in the entire org, which is not communicated in the UI.

Filtering on `OS` column does not work (HOU-1145)

A 500 error will be returned when attempting to filter on the OS column in the devices table, and the devices table does not filter.

Some unavailable package versions shown on package details page (HOU-1192)

When viewing available versions of an individual Package Library package, some unavailable versions are shown (ex. archived packages). These unavailable packages are not shown when selecting versions to deploy.

Leaving text in search bar on device's software tab can result in 500 errors (HOU-1194)

If you type text into the search bar on an individual device's software tab, leave the software tab, and then return to the software tab in the same session, the table will remain filtered based on the previous search even though no text is shown in the search bar. Additionally, if you try and enter any new search text, a 500 error will be shown.

Deploying package to device(s) with no OS Version will fail the entire deployment (HOU-1203)

If you deploy a package to a device with no scanned OS version information, the deployment will fail and return a Package is incompatible with device OS version error. This includes deployments where multiple devices are targeted, and only one device is missing OS version information; in this scenario, all deployments included in the bulk device selection will fail, even for devices with valid OS version information.


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