Network Requirements

In order to access the PDQ Connect web app and allow the PDQ Connect Agent to communicate with PDQ Connect, the following network requirements must be met. 

PDQ Connect Web App

Allow in your firewall. 

PDQ Connect Agent

Outbound Traffic: All outbound traffic from the PDQ Connect Agent to the PDQ servers goes through port 443, using the WebSocket protocol over HTTPS (WSS). 

URL Allow List: Allow the below URLs through your firewall:

Pre-built packages: The PDQ Connect Agent will download the installers from the application vendor directly. Most application installers will download over HTTPS, port 443, but some may download over HTTP, port 80. This is dependent on the how the software vendor has made the download available. In all cases, we check the file's hash to verify that the file was not tampered with. Additional files included in pre-built packages will be downloaded from the Cloudflare servers. 

Custom packages: The PDQ Connect Agent will download the install file and additional files from the Cloudflare servers. 

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