Managing Organizations

In order for a user to log into PDQ Connect and manage devices, they must belong to an organization. An organization contains the devices, custom packages, custom groups and so on available to a system administrator when they log into PDQ Connect. 

Creating an Organization

An organization will be created for you automatically during the signup process when Starting a Trial. By default, the name of your organization will be the value entered in the "Company name*" field on the trial submission form. 

Joining an Organization

If you are part of an entity that has already signed up for PDQ Connect, you can be invited to join the organization by one of the existing members. See the article Adding Teammates to PDQ Connect for details on this process. 

Selecting an Organization

If a user is a member of multiple organizations, they will be given the option to select an organization each time they log in. Selecting the organization will take you to the devices tab for that organization, at which point only devices that belong to that organization will be visible. This holds true for custom packages, groups, and automations that were created under that organization as well. Organizations work on a flat structure and must be managed separately. 

To switch to a different organization, click the PDQ Connect button at the top left of the page. This will return you to the "Select an Organization" prompt shown above. Note that if the user does not belong to multiple organizations, the selection screen will not be displayed. 

Creating Multiple Organizations

There are cases where it is desirable to create multiple organizations to logically separate devices. A Managed Service Provider (MSP), for example, may wish to create a unique organization for each of their clients. PDQ Connect users can leverage Plus Addressing to simplify this process. 

Plus Addressing allows users to create a subaddress of an existing email by appending a "+" sign to the email followed by an arbitrary tag. Because plus addressing creates an extension of an existing mailbox instead of a unique mailbox, any email sent to the subaddress will be delivered to the inbox of the original email address. This feature provides a convenient way to create distinct organizations without the need for multiple email accounts, because PDQ Connect will treat each subaddress as a unique email account. 

In order to create multiple organizations using Plus Addressing:

  1. Sign Up with Primary Email: If you do not already have a PDQ Connect account, sign up with your primary email and name your organization (e.g., 
  2. Sign Up with Modified Email: To create a second PDQ Connect Organization, start a new trial using the primary email address extended with a "+" and a unique suffix (e.g., ""). Make sure give the new organization a unique name to distinguish it from other organizations. 

  3. Invite Teammates to New Organization: Send an invitation to your primary email address and any other administrators that will need to access the new organization. See Adding Teammates to PDQ Connect for information. 
  4. Repeat for Additional Organizations: Create subsequent organizations by repeating the sign-up process with different tags (e.g., ""). 

To illustrate the above, three organizations were created at using the email Plus addressing was used for the creation of the second and third organizations so that only one mailbox was required. 

After all organizations were created, invitations were sent to to join the secondary organizations. Following the acceptance of both invitations, the primary email account gains the ability to seamlessly toggle between all three organizations within PDQ Connect.

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