Getting Started with PDQ Connect

Before You Get Started with PDQ Connect

Sign into the PDQ Connect Admin Web Console at

Adding Teammates to PDQ Connect

PDQ Connect Network & System Requirements

Our security practices are addressed here: PDQ Connect Security

Support requests can be submitted here: Submit a request

Navigating PDQ Connect

Devices Page

Select Devices from the Pages menu to open the Devices Page. This is where all of your devices with the PDQ Connect Agent installed will appear. Select any device to open the Device Info page. 

PDQ Connect Devices Page

Deployments Page

Select Deployments from the pages menu to open the Deployments Page. This is where you can view and manage the deployments made from PDQ Connect. 

PDQ Connect Deployments Page

Packages Page

Select Packages from the Pages menu to open the Packages Page. This is where all of your available packages reside. Select any package from the Packages List to view the available versions. Select a package version to view the contents of the package. 

PDQ Connect Packages Page

Automations Page

Select Automations from the Pages menu to open the Automations Page. Here, you can schedule and automate package deployments. 

PDQ Connect Automations Page

Managing Devices with PDQ Connect

The PDQ Connect Agent

In order for a device to be managed with PDQ Connect, you must first install the PDQ Connect Agent.

Installing the PDQ Connect Agent

Uninstalling the PDQ Connect Agent

Device Groups & Filters

Groups allow you to save Device Filters to organize your devices.

PDQ Connect Device Filters

PDQ Connect Device Groups

Managing Packages with PDQ Connect

Deploying Packages

PDQ Connect offers pre-built ready-to-deploy packages of many common applications, right out of the box. With only a few mouse clicks, you can deploy any pre-built package to your computers as soon as the device appears in PDQ Connect. 

Deploying Packages with PDQ Connect

Automating Deployments

PDQ Connect Automations allow you to schedule deployments to devices and Groups. Automations containing pre-built packages from the PDQ Connect Library can be configured to always keep your computers up-to-date. 

Automating Deployments with PDQ Connect

Custom Packages

PDQ Connect doesn't restrict you to only the pre-built packages. If an application you need to deploy is not available in the pre-built packages, you can create a custom package.

Creating Custom Packages with PDQ Connect


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